The best high powered laser I have ever heard, I hunt deer, go early and get out of the woods later, I need something to help me track animals after shooting. Wow, this thing is too bright, the light is small and light, and it can be carried in my backpack. I am very satisfied with the purchase. The manual explains very well how to operate the laser. I will tell all my friends that hunting is a choice.

The green laser pointer is really great!

1. Outdoor travellers/climbers/explorers ──used for outdoor adventures, pointing to distant destinations and sending out distress signals, using extremely powerful laser pointers to emit light.
2. Astronomy enthusiasts──For astronomy refers to stars, the green laser beam emits very beautiful green lines. It is very suitable for observing the night sky and can accurately display the position of the stars.
3. Different from the ordinary green laser pointer, the output intensity is obviously higher than the ordinary red laser pointer several times or more. Point the green laser pointer at the light spot in the night sky, and you can see a bright green light penetrating the sky. Astronomers can use it to point to the stars, which is also called "finger needle roll". It penetrates the sky at night, allowing you to find the complex daytime stars you want in the vast sky guide.

My green laser pointer is in the expected delivery window. I upgraded it to my AK47 rifle variant (my home defense weapon) and took it out of some night shots. It withstands recoil! I am very impressed. The light is also very bright. You can easily walk through dense forests in the dark. Consider wearing one more on me or in my car.

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