In the past, we always joked to our single friends: "Your girlfriend is leaking," this kind of joke. Everyone's impression of physical dolls is still on the rough and ugly inflatable dolls made in the past. But in fact, the current real sex dolls have made a qualitative leap.

Real dolls are made of silicone or TPE, not only in appearance but also in texture, they are almost the same as real ones. Therefore, the current mini sex dolls generally refer to silicone dolls or TPE dolls, rather than the dolls that need to be inflated in the past. With the addition of dressing and concave shapes, they are more like large-scale figures. Some companies have also implanted sound cards for the dolls. And computer chips, make the doll more intelligent and personified.

Today, I will talk to you about the BBW love doll and the stories behind it. When it comes to dolls and figurines, the first thing everyone thinks of is Japan. However, there are many such companies in our country, such as Silicone's time-honored Thies, TPE giant's Jinsan, the new generation of trendy Shu Ruibao, and some of them are on the market with love dolls.

Speaking of the first reaction of cheap sex dolls, I believe that most people may be the same as me, sex! But many people in the doll circle say that many dolls are actually very heavy and the experience is not very good. So in terms of more physical needs, in fact, customers who buy physical dolls sometimes do more for an emotional need.