Numerous celebrities have spent fortune over fortunes to create the perfect wedding moment. While everyone else can dream about the world's most extravagant wedding destinations, these celebrities have truned it into reality and had the best life-changing time of their lives in these places.

It was in Bracciano's Odescalchi Castle in Italy where "Mission: Impossible" star Tom Cruise and "Batman Begins" and "First Daughter" star Katie Holmes finally tied one of the most expensive knots in Hollywood history. Inviting over 150 guests to their Scientology-themed wedding, the guests were then led into the Hall of Caesars to dine while celebrity performers Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez entertained guests. A final fireworks display post-ceremonies underlines the level of extravagance this wedding has.

In Dublin's Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland, soccer star David and Victoria Beckham said their matrimonial rites to each other. For the mainstream audience, castles are indeed one of the most lavish ways to express one's love to another. According to Conde Nast Traveler, the Beckhams received 230 guests and hired an 18-piece orchestra to play while they sat on two gold thrones.


The now-split Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie couple had left many fans and believers of true love broken hearted but during the top moments of their relationship, Brad and Angelina had put rings on each other in France according to Travel and Leisure. Correns' Chateau Miraval sprung to life a real-world fairy tale during their wedding day. They kept the wedding a secret.

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