The HTPOW 10000mW burning laser is one of high power blue laser pen flashlight . Besides ,which is also a burning cigarette with laser,because of it easily light cigarette ,match ,something flammable,balloon blasting .Powered by two 16340 batteries is up to 10000mw,it generates a 445nm pure laser beam full of energy .The Mace Laser is made of aviation aluminum material ,tough and durable ,sometimes in case of an emergency , you can use it to break down fragile obstacles to escape .Coolest burning laser widely used in astronomy refers to the stars, site measurements, wild adven-
ture, but also for self-defense, is the preferred equipment for astronomy enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts .

10W Burning Laser Features:
* Short portable and efficient heat dissipation
* Be made of high quality aluminum material ,solid and durable ,appearance noble and generous
* Generate an ultra bright blue single-point laser beam up to 10000mW
* 8000-10000m transmission distance
* Push Button Constant On/Off ,the use of more convenient and user friendly
* Be equipped with 2*16340 batteries, chargeable and durable
* 5 in 1 Laser Pointer : dot pattern, starry and multi patterns
* The glasses are included to protect user's eyes
* The powerful 10000mw blue laser pointer can light matches or cigarettes, burn paper, shoot balloon , repel birds and much more
* SP-8 waterproof and dustproof structure ,allowing you to 30 meters deep underwater can also experience the wonderful laser
* Used in astronomy refers to the stars,site measurements,wild adventure,the preferred equipment for astronomy enthusiasts,outdoor enthusiasts
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