China has already advanced into the ranks of advanced technology countries. It's just a little bit behind, and this gap may be lost in the next few years.
Chinese laser weapon has reached which level

Recently, another Chinese laser weapon has been put into use. In 2013, the high power solid state laser has been tested successfully in China, which has aroused people's attention on the research of laser weapons.

In the recently annual meeting on space and missile defense, Syria Ning and other military officials discussed the high powered laser anti missile, laser weapons can eventually become a new missile interceptor. There are two main reasons for the development of laser weapons: compared with the existing missile intercept system, laser weapons can intercept incoming missiles in the early stage of flight; the cost of its launch is very cheap.This is not a good desire, this is what we are trying to engage in the work.

He said: "this is the reality of China's manufacturing. It has all the power and ability to make such a high powered burning laser weapon. It creates this kind of 200mw Laser Pointer to withstand the competition in other areas.
The US Marine Corps wants to mount a Military Laser Pointer weapon on the F-35, in fact it wants all the attacking aircraft to be equipped with lasers. But there is still a long way to go to reduce the volume and energy of the laser weapon.

Compared to the missile and the agency, the cost of a single launch is almost negligible.